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attack of killer bugs

well, not killer, but definitely disgusting. so the tenants above me are really dirty and all that they eat must come back out the same hole because it always smells like vomit around their door. I wouldn't be surpised if it were a group of supermodels living there. there's really nothing I can do except watch the orange stain of my kitchen ceiling expand as the days pass and the bathroom walls leak brown goo. trust me, this isn't mildew a brewin! thankfully I'm moving out after christmas. oh, and the fruit flies!!!!! there's so many that I can't walk into my apartment and not breath in an entire swarm of them! raid's not really cutting it anymore and I think that they're getting!I wish I could bring an apple into this house without it being attacked within the first few seconds of its existence. I should go and review a movie now...I'm sorry. prepare of a film review on the worst indie horror I can find!!! WOOOHOO!

overall rating- a 2
-I'm moving soon I don't care so much now
-in revenge I let my hamster run free in the walls at night. the brown goo worries me a little, though, better keep him away from the bathroom from now on.
-why it isn't a 3 is because of a sign on the neighbor's door that reads something about thanksgiving and underneath says "Jews For Jesus"
hmmm...if that ever made sense. I'm thanking myself everyday for not being religious, or dirty enough to crap my pants and rub myself all over the floor so that the people below can get a good whiff of what I had for breakfast
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