foxymoxie (foxymoxie) wrote in seventhlayer,


Settle down! I'm not talkin' 'bout the band! I'm talking about the hip new disease that's taking America by storm! Send anthrax as a gift, or just keep it for yourself! Everyone could use a little anthrax!

No, for serious, as far as life threatening diseases go, anthrax is pretty weak. The black festering boils are pretty cool, but come on... anthrax is a bacteria! You can cure it with any number of antibiotics! If anthrax were a virus and it were all air communicable, then you'd be talkin'. I'm sick of hearing about one old dead lady who might have somehow contracted anthrax while she was sneakin' around, looking through other people's mail in a town miles from where she lives. Would anyone have cared if she died because she was old? I don't think so. Come on America! We need a real disease! One that wipes out entire trailerparks in a day and spreads through cable television and can only be cured with the blood of virgins! Enough of this pussy anthrax shit!


A sub-par disease. Too hard to get and too easy to cure. There'll be none of that in my eternal afterlife! ... But those black boils are pretty cool...
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