foxymoxie (foxymoxie) wrote in seventhlayer,

Ocean's Eleven

To be quite honest with you, I've seen better heist movies, and as we all know, they're all essentially the same anyway. What makes a heist movie is style. Criminal sets target. Shady buddies tell Criminal it's impossible. Criminal convinces Shady buddies to help him. Criminal prepares. Criminal almost gets caught. Criminal and Shady buddies make away with the goods. If you're not sure what I mean by style, go out and rent Heist. Then rent Snatch. Then, if you can stomach another, go out and see Ocean's Eleven and you'll understand why...


The characters are good, but nowhere near as bad as they should've been. And by "bad" I mean like Michael Jackson's Bad. Merely a diversion. A way to spend two hours. Had it gone more in to depth with the peripheral characters like the driver, perhaps it would've been better, but if you're in the mood for a heist movie with a bunch of badass dudes, just rent Snatch.
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