foxymoxie (foxymoxie) wrote in seventhlayer,

Legend of Mana

What makes a good RPG? Well, it sure as shit ain't the NPC's, and it ain't the mini games. It's the goddamned Bosses that make or break an RPG. Why, then, would the fourth installment of one of my favorite series of all time put so damn much effort in to building up your character and tempering powerful weapons if there're no huge bosses to fight? What's the fucking point? I'll admit, I had a great time learning all the little quirks of the game, like how to learn all of the weapon techniques, and how to temper weapons and place lands just right, but where's the payoff? I'll tell you where. It's in playing No Future Mode with all your gained knowledge. What's No Future Mode, then, you ask? It's the same game only about three times more difficult. So it's pretty easy to die then, you say? No. Apparently, the programmers thought that a difficult enemy meant having to take longer to kill it rather than how dangerous it is.


Yeah, it's Secret of Mana's little brother, but that don't make it great.
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