foxymoxie (foxymoxie) wrote in seventhlayer,

Grand Theft Auto 3

What a fantastic game! It's been a very, very long time since I've played anything quite as much fun as this! It's actually pretty hard to think of anything that you're not able to do in GTA 3. You walk outside, jack the nearest car, drive downtown, explode your car while driving over pedestrians, then fend off the police with an uzi, or take a taxi the hell out of there. It's all left to your imagination and your will to do it! The city's got anything you could possibly want. The whole place actually feels alive, from cars idling down the alleyways to casual muggings. Minigames abound, a soundtrack that makes me laugh, hard, superb graphics, there's not too much to complain about, but since I have to, here're my only gripes:

Gripe A: What happened to the plane!? ::sigh:: I'll only be able to dream of the havoc I could have caused with it...

Gripe B: Where'd that cool hate meter go from GTA 2? I miss the idea of being on my own, playing each gang against each other...

Gripe C: What of being able to attach bombs and guns to your car? True, you can still buy bombs, but they don't really provide any amusement since the only person you can harm with them is yourself.

Other than those? An awesome game. One of the greatest I've ever played.


Fit for a god.
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