foxymoxie (foxymoxie) wrote in seventhlayer,

Silent Hill 2

A very slick game. That's all there is to it. Solid survival-horror action, creepy puzzles, and lots of walkin' around. But treating this game as though it were another half-assed resident evil knock off would be unwise, and you'd be overlooking this games greatest appeal. It's scary. No, it's not scary. It's scary as hell. When I first began playing, I got really into it and screwed with it for several hours, not having ever picked it up before, and it made me physically sick. I felt ill for the rest of the night. It's not just the unmercifully claustrophobic view that you're constantly wrestling with, the mounds of gore that you must hack through, nor is it just the disorientingly jerky camera. It's this game's whole premise that makes it so damn evil. Solid plot, great lighting effects, devious enemies, if you've got a strong stomach, you can't lose.


A nice addition to heaven's collection.
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