Niko-kun (ninmenjuushin) wrote in seventhlayer,

Your World Right Now

The world right now can be summarized by this dick: ( ))====D
America is obviously in a state of MASS and utter confusion. I'm not talking about peoples' unrelinquished anger at people they didn't even know they hated until the media started telling us to hate them (well yeah I am), but I'm also talking about the spontaneous patriotism of everyone. It's utterly pathetic. Before this, patriotism was limited to flags on Harley Davidson shirts and the backs of trucks. Now every 3 out of 4 cars has a flag on it. Why could this be? Well, it's mainly because our best friend the t.v. is telling us that everyone else is buying one, and that the first thing we need to do is be like everyone else! But now that everyone's Uncle Sam's best friend now that he's become a hipster, whats everyone to do? Oh yeah, flaunt your ignorant beliefs! I'm sick of seeing God Bless signs personally. We wouldn't be in this mess if God would have intervened, and for that he would have had to exist first. I don't care what people think about this, but if he ever existed, we killed him the moment we started killing people in His name, which you may or may not have heard, but is banned by one of the Commandments sent down to Moses while on Mt. Sinai. I mean, what kind of god would allow such rampant bloodshed, even in his name (that's right, even Muslims believe in God).
Oh yeah, and for those of you who believe in evil and sin, you have another thing coming, because evil is in the eye of the beholder. Every action has a justification from the one carrying out the action. Everyone is their own saint, so evil and good can not exist, and since all actions can be interpreted as selfish anyway, true altruism cannot exist either.
"If God is all-powerful, then the devil must be nothing more than a darkness in the mind of God, but if the devil is something real and separate, then perfection is impossible, and there can be no God...except for the aspirations of fallen angels."

Yes, I'd rather watch Coyote Ugly rather than have to hear some stupid bitch on Oprah bellyache about how she is afraid to send her kids to school and has to shop online because she's too afraid to leave the house, since obviously stealing airplanes is easy enough to get a whole ARMY of them just to crash them into her, her grocery store, her kids' daycare, and their school.
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